Christian Beliefs 101

Where Does Sickness Come From?

The short answer is that sickness and disease come from the Devil.


Everything is so complicated today, but it isn’t necessarily that way by design. It’s the subjective interpretations or our attempt to understand everything before we take action that make things harder than they need to be. I liken it to a man who wanted to dig a hole in his yard to plant a tree. He was going to do it over the weekend. But he needed a shovel. He didn’t have one so looked online at shovels. ‘Oh my God,’ he said; there were so many shovels to choose from. And the prices for the same shovels online were all over the place. Some had free shipping, and some had ridiculous charges just to ship a shovel. Some could be delivered the next day and some next week, but he wanted his shovel now. He had waited to the last minute to plant his tree because he was going to be leaving on a journey after the weekend, but he needed to get that tree in the ground before he left. So he decided to go to the big box store to get his shovel. That was going to be the answer – go to the store where he could see the shovels in front of him. So off to the store he went to buy the shovel. He went to the shovel aisle and there were so many kinds of shovels that he wasn’t sure which one was the right one. There were square-ended shovels and round-ended shovels. There were shovels that were really small and narrow and some that were not. There were shovels that had wooden handles and some had metal handles. There were shovels that had cheap prices and some that were expensive. Some shovels had a rubber piece on the grip and some didn’t. So he finally bought a shovel and took it home but was still concerned that it might be the wrong kind. When he got home he started to wonder if the shovel was long enough. He took the shovel and now had concerns as to whether he should wear gloves while digging the hole. He read online that the experts say you should always wear gloves. He was also concerned as to whether he should take off the stickers that were on the shovel. He was very careful to remove the stickers because, after all, it was a new shovel and he didn’t want’t to scratch it. He put his gloves on and took the shovel outside. After much thought he found the location for the hole he wanted to dig with the shovel. Now it was just a matter of digging the hole. ‘How deep should I dig it,’ he thought. ‘Should I start on this side or the other. What angle should I start my digging. And what do I do with the dirt from the hole? Where do I put it?’ So he dug the hole and went through the same convoluted process to figure out how to put the tree in the hole as he did just to buy the shovel. ‘How wide should the hole be; how deep do I dig the hole; do I add better soil when I plant the tree; what type of soil do I add. The experts say to always add good soil. What type of fertilizer should I use, and should water the roots before placing the tree in the hole.’ So eventually he put the tree in the hole and his task was finally completed. But now he began to wonder whether he might have missed a step. He thought, ‘What if I did it wrong. What if it doesn’t work and the tree dies.’ He just wasn’t sure. He read what all the experts said online about planting a tree. He researched the type of shovel to get. He even asked his neighbors what they thought about his tree. And, of course, the neighbors didn’t really tell him what they were thinking, because it was just a tree. But they did all have their opinions as to the proper way to plant a tree, and, of course, which shovel he should have used.  

The experts all had their opinions. The neighbors all had their opinions. And he thought this absolutely simple process of digging a hole almost to death; all he had to do was dig a hole and put a tree in it. The rest will happen on its own. And if you were to see this guy during the week and ask him what he did this past weekend; he would say he planted a tree.

Healing is that simple —dig a hole and put the tree in it!

Find the promises of God as to why you are entitled to healing. Write them all down. Read them. Memorize them. Ask God to forgive you for all the thing you may have done that maybe led to you needing to be healed.  


The thief (Devil) comes only to kill, steal, and destroy. I have come that they might have life and that they may have it more abundantly.
—John 10:10

Therefore submit yourself to God. Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you. —James 4:7

You shall serve the Lord your Go